Effective Extermination Strategies for Roaches in Las Vegas

Roaches in Las Vegas are a common pest problem. For most people, the mere sight of roaches invokes feelings of disgust. Their flat bodies, long antennae, and scurrying from one spot to another trigger an immediate reaction that sends them rushing to contact an exterminator who can quickly eradicate the problem. Rebel Pest Control provides … Read more


Finding The Best Las Vegas Exterminator: Your Complete Guide

Are you searching for a top-notch Las Vegas exterminator? If so, you’ll soon discover that many companies claim to be the best at ridding your home or business of pests. But that doesn’t guarantee you end up with an exterminator with the qualifications, expertise, and specialized skills to handle your infestation. For over 30 years, … Read more


Effective Scorpion Pest Control in Las Vegas: Complete Guide

Living in Las Vegas has its perks, with its vibrant nightlife, entertainment options, and warm climate. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges, such as dealing with scorpions. Scorpions are common pests in the Las Vegas area, and their presence can be a cause for concern. In this blog, we will explore … Read more


How to Find the Best Pest Control in Las Vegas

Facing a nasty pest infestation? Finding the best pest control in Las Vegas is essential to eradicating bugs, rodents, and other pests from your home or business. However, assuming one pest control company is like any other could cost you—in more ways than one. Evaluating and comparing different pest control solutions and companies before hiring … Read more

Pest Control Solutions in the Las Vegas Valley

Pest Control Solutions in the Las Vegas Valley

Downtown Las Vegas may be the main attraction for the millions of visitors who come here each year, but the people who call the city’s suburbs home see their neighborhoods as tranquil havens away from the bustling Strip. These beautiful and thriving communities feature lush greenery and picturesque streets, making them ideal places to raise … Read more

Choosing the Best Pest Control Company in Las Vegas

Choosing the Best Pest Control Company in Las Vegas

When pests invade your home or business, it’s essential to act swiftly and hire a reputable pest control company to tackle the issue effectively. In Las Vegas, where pests like ants, spiders, roaches, and scorpions are common, finding a reliable pest control specialist is crucial. In this article, we will guide you on what to … Read more

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Las Vegas Pest Control Services

Pests can be a problem for any home or business in the Las Vegas area, from the Las Vegas Strip to Henderson, North Las Vegas, or Boulder City. Unwanted guests like rats, mice, scorpions, or cockroaches can find ways into even some of the most well-built structures, seeking food, protection from the elements, and a … Read more

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“Polite, knowledgeable, and professional” technicians. “Hands down, the best bug guy in town.” “We’ve used their services for six-plus years.” These are just a few of the compliments Rebel Pest Control has received from our customers. Making sure every customer feels this way is always our goal. For over 30 years, our preventative and responsive … Read more

Termite Pest Control Insect Service In House

General Pest Control in Las Vegas and Surrounding Areas

Las Vegas has no shortage of bugs, insects, and other vermin just looking to invade the area’s homes and businesses. Professional pest control in Las Vegas eliminates termites and scorpions along with common pests that include: Not only are these critters uninvited guests, but they’re also carriers of diseases capable of causing damage to your … Read more

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A Guide to the Most Common Types of Pests in the Winter

Millions of households in the US deal with pest invasions each year. As a homeowner, dealing with unwanted pests can sometimes feel like a nightmare. The usual suspects come out during the warmer months, like spring and summer. But many people don’t realize how many types of pests thrive in the colder months. When winter comes … Read more

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