Termite Pest Control Insect Service In House

General Pest Control in Las Vegas and Surrounding Areas

Las Vegas has no shortage of bugs, insects, and other vermin just looking to invade the area’s homes and businesses. Professional pest control in Las Vegas eliminates termites and scorpions along with common pests that include: Not only are these critters uninvited guests, but they’re also carriers of diseases capable of causing damage to your … Read more

Rebel Pest Control

A Guide to the Most Common Types of Pests in the Winter

Millions of households in the US deal with pest invasions each year. As a homeowner, dealing with unwanted pests can sometimes feel like a nightmare. The usual suspects come out during the warmer months, like spring and summer. But many people don’t realize how many types of pests thrive in the colder months. When winter comes … Read more


Bugs in the Basement: 5 Common Pests You Might See

Did you know that an average of more than 100 types of bugs can live in one house? Then, how about your basement alone?  Basements are often home to seasonal things like your water heater, furnace, and other mechanicals. However, basements can likewise have some icky visitors, such as bugs and arthropods. Your basement could harbor many … Read more

The Best Method in Killing Cockroaches

The Best Method in Killing Cockroaches

Did you know that there are four main types of cockroaches in the Las Vegas area? They are all very adaptive and intrusive, so killing cockroaches in your home may be more difficult than you think. Not only are cockroaches unsightly and unsettling, but they bring harmful diseases into your home that can make you and your family sick. Even when … Read more

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