Las Vegas Pest Control Services

Pests can be a problem for any home or business in the Las Vegas area, from the Las Vegas Strip to Henderson, North Las Vegas, or Boulder City. Unwanted guests like rats, mice, scorpions, or cockroaches can find ways into even some of the most well-built structures, seeking food, protection from the elements, and a safe place to nest away from predators.

Even though you may rarely see these pests, they can affect your comfort and health in multiple ways, spreading disease, harming air quality, and leaving behind damaged wiring, insulation, drywall, and more. When you need a skilled professional to rid your residential or commercial property of rodents, insects, and other pests, turn to our experts at Rebel Pest Control. We are a leading Las Vegas pest control company with over 30 years of experience, and we can help with all types of pests, including:


From invasive Norway rats to native wood rats or pack rats, our team can keep rats out of your Las Vegas home or business and prevent the mess and destruction that these rodents can leave behind.


Homes and commercial buildings provide a safe, comfortable place for house mice, field mice, or kangaroo mice to nest and raise their young, but they can contaminate your food, spread disease, and cause plenty of damage. Stay mouse-free with our pest control services from Rebel Pest Control.


While most spiders are relatively harmless, some, like the black widow or brown recluse, can cause painful bites that lead to extensive skin damage. We offer practical solutions to keep spiders and other arachnids to a minimum.


Scorpions tend to stay well hidden, but they can deliver a painful sting if you find one in your home or business. Our team can seal your building and keep scorpions out with our powerful insecticides.


When they are disturbed, bees and wasps can deliver painful stings, and for those with allergies, they can be quite dangerous. Let our team help keep your property safe with professional bee and wasp removals.


Even the slightest amount of food can attract ants, and once they are in your home or business, they can be tough to remove. Call our team at Rebel Pest Control for help. We can stop the ants and prevent them from returning.


Cockroaches can infest a building quickly, contaminating food and leaving unhealthy droppings behind. Keep your residential or commercial property free of roaches with our effective insecticides.

The Benefits of Our Las Vegas Pest Control Services

By choosing Rebel Pest Control to keep rodents, insects, spiders, and more under control, you can:

  • Eliminate unhealthy pest droppings
  • Improve your indoor air quality
  • Reduce allergens
  • Keep food safe
  • Prevent the spread of pest-borne diseases
  • Avoid pest damage to your home or business
  • Prevent fire hazards from chewed wires

Choose Rebel for Las Vegas Pest Control Services

When you need the best pest control services in Las Vegas, choose our team at Rebel Pest Control. We are dedicated to keeping your home or business pest-free, and we have the skill, knowledge, and experience to help with virtually any pest infestation. We strive for total satisfaction with each visit, and we offer exceptional customer service that has earned us many great reviews from our clients. Let us be your go-to Las Vegas pest control company!

Call us today at (702) 597-0707 or contact us online to schedule pest control services anywhere in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or the surrounding areas.

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