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Insects got you down? Scorpions taking over? We can fix that for you! For decades, Rebel Pest Control has helped customers all over Nevada solve their pest problems. If you’re interested in our services, view a thorough breakdown below.

General Pest Control

At Rebel Pest Control, we’re proud to deliver top-notch general pest control services. The most common Nevada pests include scorpions, cockroaches, rodents, bees, spiders, termites, bed bugs, and ants. Call us today!

Scorpion Flush Out

If you’re dealing with scorpions in your home or business and need someone to flush them out, we’ve got you covered. During dry weather, scorpions are attracted to moisture. Because of this habit, they may be trapped by spreading wear burlap bags and collecting the scorpions during the day. Scorpions are discouraged from areas around homes by removing the potential covers, such as stones, lumber, and other debris. Sealing entrances into homes can also exclude them. Applications of residual insecticides can increase scorpion control. Applications should be directed to harborages, such as stone piles. It is not necessary to treat lawns. Exterior foundation treatments every month with a pesticide directed to scorpions will provide control

While it may not be possible to achieve full elimination of a scorpion infestation in your area with this method, a preventative monthly maintenance plan, along with Rebel’s service guarantee can make a world of difference in your goal of pest-free living.

When exposed to ultraviolet light (UV or black light), scorpions fluoresce a light yellow-green color. When they fluoresce they may be easily spotted for capture, physically killed, or sprayed with an insecticide from several yards away. Homes with infestation problems with scorpions we go with this option. We come to the home around dusk right before dark and all the lights in or around the home need to be turned off. We go through inside and outside the home with the black light and we physically remove every scorpion or trace of scorpions from the home. We look for any type of eggs being hatched and so forth. For more information please call.

With either service option, Rebel recommends a monthly pest control service to be proactive and prevent any future infestations.

Cockroach Flush Out

The control of cockroaches requires a great deal of care and planning by the pest control operator. Several steps and techniques are involved in effective control, and these must be used in a coordinated manner. Cockroach control also usually requires a great deal of cooperation from the client to change environmental conditions that contribute to infestations.

Sanitation is fundamental to cockroach control. Any methods that can be used to deny cockroaches the food, water, and shelter they need will greatly aid in control. Cleanliness and good housekeeping are essential. Food should be kept in tightly closed containers and should not be left exposed. This includes spilled materials, garbage, food scraps left in sink areas, and pet foods. Water is an important need of cockroaches. Dripping faucets, leaking pipes, and other sources of moisture should be eliminated. Bottles and cans to be recycled should be stored outdoors, if possible. Sewer openings should be screened.

Rodent Control

Prevention methods should be implemented early in order to maintain a rodent-free home. Rodents reproduce rapidly and small populations become full-blown infestations in very little time.

Rodent control may involve the use of several control measures, including sanitation, removal of harborages, rodent-proofing, use of toxicants and traps, and other methods. Sanitation is essential in a successful rodent-control program. The elimination of shelter, food, and water can man the difference between success and failure in controlling rodents. Good housekeeping practices are important. program of routine cleaning should be set up and followed. Obscure areas such as corners, shelves, under cabinets, work tables, and equipment shouldn’t be overlooked. Eliminate rubbish piles. Keep refuse in rat-proof containers until it is removed.


  • Glue Boards: Low odor, fast-acting, chemical-free, easy removal and clean up.
  • Baiting Systems: Multiple targets, fast-acting, and system box protects non-target animals from harm.

Termite inspection

Termites wreak havoc on homes by devouring structural timbers, furniture, and hardwood floors, leading to expensive repair bills. There may already be substantial damage to your property if you detect physical damage, bug droppings, mud tubes, or broken wings in your home. This in-depth visual inspection entails our exterminators carefully inspecting the property for any evidence of insects that feed on wood in or around the building using environmentally friendly methods. Stay ahead of any potential issues in your home with an annual termite inspection from a licensed professional at Rebel Pest Control.

Exterminator services

We create custom pest plans for you based on your specific pest problems and our findings. By utilizing a unique approach to various pests such as ants, fleas, mosquitos, roaches, wasps, spiders, etc., our team will ensure your space is free of any infestations so that you and your family can sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home.

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