The Best Method in Killing Cockroaches

Did you know that there are four main types of cockroaches in the Las Vegas area? They are all very adaptive and intrusive, so killing cockroaches in your home may be more difficult than you think.

Not only are cockroaches unsightly and unsettling, but they bring harmful diseases into your home that can make you and your family sick. Even when dead, they attract other cockroaches and other pests into your home. 

Keep reading to find out how to kill cockroaches that you find in your home.

Types of Cockroaches in Las Vegas

Cockroaches are a problem all year long in Las Vegas but especially in the summer and at night. The most common cockroaches are the German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, American cockroach, and Australian cockroach.

The German and Oriental species are widespread in the area and knowing the difference is key to killing cockroaches when they enter your home.

The German cockroach is the most invasive cockroach species in the world and is most common in the Las Vegas area. While light brown German cockroaches produce sticky stains in your home, the larger Oriental cockroach’s black exterior can sometimes be mistaken for a beetle. 

You need to know which species it is to know what to expect when you have a cockroach infestation.

Flush Out Treatment

As the name implies, a Cockroach Flush Out ‘flushes’ cockroaches out of any spaces in your home they may be hiding in. The idea is to get them all out of hiding and into the open to get rid of them.

This is done by cutting off all food and water sources. You must keep food in sealed containers and make sure that any water source is off and dry whenever you are not using it.

Then, clean in and behind everything.

While the initial flush out gets cockroaches out of hiding, it’s the follow-up crack and crevice treatment that makes the flush out so effective. A crack and crevice treatment gets every possible hiding place or entryway covered.

Crack and Crevice Treatment

This method of how to kill cockroaches consists of putting insecticide into every crack and crevice in your home. Common application sites include between and under cabinets, drawers, and baseboards. You can also put it around plumbing openings for good measure.

You can even do a crack and crevice treatment to prevent a pest problem from starting. You can potentially repel cockroaches and other pests from your home by using certain pesticides. Be sure they are EPA-approved so your treatment is pet and people-friendly.

A combination of a complete cockroach flush out and doing a crack and crevice treatment is the best strategy for killing cockroaches in your home. 

Killing Cockroaches Can Be Made Easier

Seeing only one cockroach in your home could mean you have a severe cockroach infestation on your hands without even knowing it.

If killing cockroaches is not your thing or if after trying these methods on your own they still come back, it’s time to call in a professional. 

Contact us here at Rebel Pest Control with over 31 years of experience in pest removal in Las Vegas, using only EPA-approved pesticides in your home. We can give you a complete cockroach flush-out and peace of mind. 

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